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About The Artist

Raquel Serafino finds inspiration in both the energy of city life and the comfort of home. Her MetroCard collages represent the iconic intensity of her home town, New York City. At the same time, her pet portrait paintings lovingly capture quieter moments – a cat's adorable expression, a dog's eager eyes.

She began painting at the age of 25, watching youtube tutorials, teaching herself different techniques and using art to disrupt the monotony of day-to-day life.

Raquel has continued to develop her artistic abilities - creating commissioned pieces, hosting local exhibits and displaying her work in galleries. From oil portraits and acrylic landscapses to gouache paintings and collages, Raquel's artwork captures a wide range of subjects in a diverse, lively style.

Her multifaceted art practice explores themes of movement and stillness, speed and patience, independence and companionship. Finding beauty and meaning in the little details of daily life.